Austinmer Pool

Austinmer Pool

Recently, like yesterday, my Father called me a ‘ curmudgeon’

I took instant offense though I had not a clue what the meaning behind said word was.

Upon referring to a dictionary, of the hard cover variety, I was not happy.

So today in an effort to be less curmudgeonly, I took a swim, not once but twice.

In Austinmer Pool.


Like Bondi Beach, I refer over and over to Austinmer Beach / Pool in the 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign. It is hard not too – Austinmer is my birth place, it epitomises Summer and all that is blissful : family, friends, mojitos and night swimming.

And I have endless stories that go with Austinmer Beach / Pools.

Today my mind wandered back to my youth, on the 24th December of each year is was tradition to take a night dip with my besties’ Al and Steph. That to me is ‘Christmas Eve’.

That tradition has not stood the test of time, we have all moved away from the South Coast, but not so far away that we cannot get this late 1990’s December ritual back on track – new additions welcome of course. Five year old Duncan and co. would think it ever so cool, that whilst taking a dip we  keep a look out for St Nick in the night sky. Oh, such fun to be had with the next generation!!

And my beautiful Brazilian friend Fernanda, reminding me last night of the swim we took mid lightning storm at 10pm a few summers ago…these stories are but the tip of the iceberg.

My first swim - Austinmer Pool

My first swim – Austinmer Pool

So the 8th Beach of Christmas is Austinmer Pool – the place were I took my first swim, a place I have often taken for granted, indulged in curmudgeonly behaviour by staying in doors when outside the blue pacific beckons.

Age is a funny thing, you often come full circle, and the running you did to define yourself outside of the four walls of a small town, is a thing of the past. The marathon’s are over – and you find yourself back at the starting line – with a fresh perspective on just about everything.

Except home – that was always special, but all that running you did, the sights you saw along the way, confirm that home is now pure paradise.

Running is to be replaced with swimming and savouring the beauty of the here and now.

Amen to Austinmer.

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