Slip n Slide – Iconic Summer Time Fun

The 7th Beach of Christmas is neither a beach nor pool – but an iconic Australian summer tradition,  bubble bath and or detergent applied liberally ( the slip ) to sheets of plastic ( the slide) and a garden hose – set up in ones front or backyard on a generous slope.



What does one do when faced such a scene: you put of your swimmers, dart towards the plastic and launch yourself down the home-made water slide. And you smile, gets suds in your eyes and grass between your toes. And then you repeat said action, over and over again.

I owned a shop brought Slip n Slide in the early 1990’s – a plastic sheet, with tubular funnels that you attached the garden hose to, water then poured forth, making the plastic sheet very slippery and very slidy.

But the Slip n Slide that I was privileged to see in action today was far superior.


It was homemade and assembled with love, care and pure fun in mind.

A neighbour had kindly donated her front lawn with a decent slope, 3 plastic sheets and 2 empty paint tins to secure the slide. She also performed the master of hose ceremony , spaying water and liberally applying detergent for 30 glorious minutes.

For the children, christmas had come early. For me, it was chance to slip n slide down memory lane at speed, recall the taste of detergent and downpour of water that made it all possible.



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