The Beach : Christmas Day

I imagine that for those privileged to grow up waterside, Christmas day and the beach go hand in hand.

I fall into the category of the privileged and I have so often taking it for granted – but NOT today.

As a child and teenager, with relatives in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Christmas was a day of driving long distances, in the car, fighting with my brother in the back seat and requesting the listen to Mix 106.5 Smooth FM on the journey home.

I have fond memories too – swimming in my cousins pool in Blaxland after eating the most sumptuous lunch with ALL the trimmings and the evening meal in Epping, munching on potato chips my gorgeous Grandparents had opened at 9am in anticipation of our 6pm arrival – that salty staleness will NEVER leave me!

But as an adult, new Christmas traditions are forming – a morning swim and what I hope to participate in for year to come, the annual Fire Brigade water bomb fight along Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

Strange but true, the 25th of December is often overcast, cold and drizzly in Australia – but this year was different – it was sunny and it was to be celebrated.

A morning swim, sweetly serernaded by the ‘Sea Sharp’ choir- Hark the Herald Angels indeed!!

Then I took a car ride along Lawrence Hargrave, taking the sites of water bombs mid-air, aimed at the firetruck driving at snail pace, music blaring from the vehicle ‘ Summer of 69’, Santa dancing roof top and road side people with their ammunition – water bombs, water guns and garden hoses.

I suspect that every beach side town has its own traditions. And for that reason it is ‘The Beach’ that is the 7th Beach of Christmas this year. Any readers out their care to share their beaches Christmas traditions? Love to hear about them?

Merry Christmas to all.

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