Hicks Point Jetty

The 6th Beach of Christmas has wow factor.

One because I had international guests Jo & Yo along for the ride.

Two because for the past 38 years I had no idea that this strip of coastline actually had a name other than Austi Boat Ramp Beach.

Turns out its offical name is Hicks Point Jetty, and a timber jetty once dominated this strip of coast, and the likes of coal was transported from tram to ship.

Wow & Wow!


And Jo and Yo ( names witheld as per subjects wish)….catching up with these two souls is so easy and so much fun. Dining at the newly re-opened Headlands Hotel, our conversation dipped and darted from retirement pre-40, the pursuit of a PHD in Kim Kardashian ,the joy of travel, the disdain for the phrase ‘settle down’, Soho bedsits and everything in between.

A well-rounded conversation over chicken schnitzel and beer. It was perfect.

After lunch, we strolled along the shoreline, blissfully unaware that we stood upon, trampled over the remains of Hicks Point.

Thanks Jo and Yo, I will remember yesterday for years to come. It was 38 years in the making for the Austinmer native to finally learn a little piece of local history. So glad you two where there with me.


Jo & Yo 2011/2012

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  1. Phillippa
    Dec 27, 2016 @ 12:53:33

    Hey Kate, You will have to check out the next UOW library exhibition that I’m working on as there will be a pic of the jetty from late 1880s and also hoping to borrow a model of the jetty from another collection! Xx

    Sent from my iPad


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