Consiton Beach

The Fifth Beach of Christmas came as a surprise – as I strolled along the yet to be reviewed City Beach, Wollongong ( hold onto your hats, that going to be a great write-up) little did I know that City Beach was to merge with Coniston Beach.

How do I know this – the holiest of signs, the council sign, informed me.


There was no fence keeping the City Beach goers separate from the Coniston swimming brigade, no Donald Trump style wall to divide the masses, not even a line drawn in the sand.

The City Beach patrons and the Coniston Beach babes simply got on with one another – it was a sight to behold. Two distinct groups co-existing, smiling, laughing and enjoying natures beauty.

Highly recommend a swim at this divine stretch of coastline, a small strip of sand and surf that sets a bench mark for harmonious living.


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