Prince Alfred Park Pool, Surry Hills

Hot in the city….

There are no other words! And whilst I had grand plans of trekking to far flung destinations for the final instalment of the 2016 Twelve Beaches of Christmas, due to a heat wave in Sydney, all motivation was zapped from my being.

So the 1st Beach of Christmas is a pool, and the closet watering hole to my home in Waterloo.

The Prince Alfred Park Pool, Surry Hills. Entry fee to this pool is pricey, $6.40 for an adult single visit. But when the heat is on and Sydney’s beaches reach capacity….it’s either the local pool or a cold shower at home.

Hot in the city….

And if I thought temperatures were hot outside, pool side it was hotter still ( see photo evidence)





And that my friends wraps up the 2016 campaign for another year.
My hope is that it inspires you to dip yourself into largest bodies of water often – creek, river, ocean, pool, bath. When the heat is on it truly is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself.

Lennox Head Beach

A return to work early in the New Year naturally means I present in the office daily between the hours 9am -5pm.

But am I really present?

Physically, yes, I sit in my chair and face a computer screen….but my mind….it wonders….

To happier times, times of sun, sand and surf. Free time, leisure time, my time on my terms. Holidays in tropical places, bikini clad, almond piccolo latte drinking times. Friends, family and summer vibes.

In October last year I flew to Byron Bay and whilst that was indeed magical, by taking a 30 minute bus ride South, I landed in Lennox Head – a place where the beach holiday really began.

14705611_10157615903735383_7062867968310203989_n.jpgLennox is far sleepier than Byron – the buzz of hipsters, homeless mixed in with a good dash of the uber rich was missing. Lennox was practically deserted in comparison and I got the feeling the locals like it that way.

Keep in mind it was not peak season, and should I have returned in Summer, all the locals assured me the place would be crawling with people.

So I’m glad I visited when I did – it was the first of many trips I hope to take to this strip of coastline.


The 2nd Beach of Christmas , Lennox Head Beach, a little gift of a place I presented myself 2 months before the man in red started the present run!!




City Beach Wollongong

The 3rd Beach of Christmas is a little meditation on waves.

After an early morning gym session in August last year, I stood atop Flagstaff Hill, looking South towards the Steal Works, mesmerised by the view.

The City Beach surfers were out in force, launching themselves of rock platforms into the big blue sea.The air was crisp, the sunshine plentiful, and large bodies of water propelled the men on fibre glass boards towards the shoreline with effortless ease.

This short clip captures but a brief moment in time, for I stood for many minutes, captivated by the City of Wollongong, the Steal Works in the far distance and big blue of the ocean.

A mediation on waves – a moment in time.


The Bombie Bar – CoalCliff

Not so much a beach review, but a bar review – Coalcliff Beach’s world famous bar: The Bombie Bar. The 4th ‘beach’ of Christmas?

A beach bar with the BEST ocean view in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

An outdoor bar, atop the Coalcliff surf life saving club, nestled between cliff and coastline.


I first ventured to this magical place in April 2016. I saw my friend band, Brother B, literally rock the socks of the Sunday afternoon Bombie Bar patrons. And yes, while Brother B’s music was sweet, it was THAT view, the sea air and the salt that peppered the breeze that I will never forget.

Alas the Bombie Bar has since fallen on troubled times. Noise complaints has seen the South Coast live music venue future in limbo Рpresently no 2017 Bombie Bar gigs are in the pipeline.

Bombie Bar Closure

And that my friends is a shame. A real shame.

What is better that a salt water swim, sunshine, a beer and live music as the sun goes down on a Sunday afternoon?


Hopefully my the time the 2017 Twelve Beaches of Christmas Campaign rolls around the Bombie Bar is back, and I might get to review that strip of coast to a soundtrack of hip hop, folk or blues.


Happy New Year

It’s a New Year and yesterday’s star sign for Virgo’s read ‘ You prefer things neat, clear and orderly. Yet this week’s more likely to be full of flux, mystery and unanswered questions. If you feel like you are heading in to the same old familiar terrain yet again, trying a radically new approach it highly recommended’

Last night I stayed in, I ignored universe’s advise to ‘try a radically new approach ‘ to life, to party like is 1999 as Prince sang in his infamous party tune. I feel about 27% disappointed with myself and 63% sure that I made the right decision to watch the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie and drink mojitos with Flora the cat.

But in the same moment,wrestling with that 27% bit of disappointment made me take a long hard look at myself and I made a pact, that as the clock strikes midnight to herald in 2018 I would be out and an about, somewhere, with someone in this big, bold and bright universe.

2017 come at me – I am ready.

And just for laughs I had a great conversation in the local supermarket this morning, when discussing travel plans for my birthday next year.

The question was ‘ Will you be forty next year?’

My mind raced, did my friend just ask if I will be the Big Four Zero?!?!

My fear and dread so evident as I was consoled with the following ‘Its only a number’

That is it – just like the New Year, 2017, it’s only just numbers, nothing has changed, everything is but the same.

And we have every possibility to make the most of today, tomorrow and all the days that follow.

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