The Bombie Bar – CoalCliff

Not so much a beach review, but a bar review – Coalcliff Beach’s world famous bar: The Bombie Bar. The 4th ‘beach’ of Christmas?

A beach bar with the BEST ocean view in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

An outdoor bar, atop the Coalcliff surf life saving club, nestled between cliff and coastline.


I first ventured to this magical place in April 2016. I saw my friend band, Brother B, literally rock the socks of the Sunday afternoon Bombie Bar patrons. And yes, while Brother B’s music was sweet, it was THAT view, the sea air and the salt that peppered the breeze that I will never forget.

Alas the Bombie Bar has since fallen on troubled times. Noise complaints has seen the South Coast live music venue future in limbo – presently no 2017 Bombie Bar gigs are in the pipeline.

Bombie Bar Closure

And that my friends is a shame. A real shame.

What is better that a salt water swim, sunshine, a beer and live music as the sun goes down on a Sunday afternoon?


Hopefully my the time the 2017 Twelve Beaches of Christmas Campaign rolls around the Bombie Bar is back, and I might get to review that strip of coast to a soundtrack of hip hop, folk or blues.


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