Lennox Head Beach

A return to work early in the New Year naturally means I present in the office daily between the hours 9am -5pm.

But am I really present?

Physically, yes, I sit in my chair and face a computer screen….but my mind….it wonders….

To happier times, times of sun, sand and surf. Free time, leisure time, my time on my terms. Holidays in tropical places, bikini clad, almond piccolo latte drinking times. Friends, family and summer vibes.

In October last year I flew to Byron Bay and whilst that was indeed magical, by taking a 30 minute bus ride South, I landed in Lennox Head – a place where the beach holiday really began.

14705611_10157615903735383_7062867968310203989_n.jpgLennox is far sleepier than Byron – the buzz of hipsters, homeless mixed in with a good dash of the uber rich was missing. Lennox was practically deserted in comparison and I got the feeling the locals like it that way.

Keep in mind it was not peak season, and should I have returned in Summer, all the locals assured me the place would be crawling with people.

So I’m glad I visited when I did – it was the first of many trips I hope to take to this strip of coastline.


The 2nd Beach of Christmas , Lennox Head Beach, a little gift of a place I presented myself 2 months before the man in red started the present run!!




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