The Bangles – Everything

Sunday afternoon is perfect for some nostalgic writing.

And music was the trigger that inspired the story that follows.

Home alone on a balmy autumn afternoon, summer having left Sydney 12 days ago, and in her wake a mixture of heavy rain set in. But not this weekend, the sun has soaked Sydney and smiles abound.

To celebrate I placed one of my most treasured albums on – The UK all girl group – The Bangles- Everything.

Released in 1988, when I was just 10 years old, it was if my memory serves me correctly, the 2nd cassette I ever owned – Whitney Houston beating the girl to top honours.

This cassette was EVERYTHING to me , pun intended. I loved EVERYTHING about it – EVERY song – EVERY WORD was learnt off by heart and sung off-key at EVERY opportunity.

The cassette was a gift from a women who was EVERYTHING to me – my Dad’s Mother, my beautiful Nana Boyle. I loved her whole heartedly, still do, and back then loved her more for the fact that at a women in her late 70’s would have brave a record store to get me this gift. Who was Nan served by in the record store? A late 80’s raver coming down from a night out in Kings Cross, a Jimmy Barnes flannelette wearing pub rocker?

Whoever it was, they were super helpful to my Nan, and it was mission accomplished and bridge built across the great musical generational divide.

So I’m sitting here in my lounge room, bopping along to ‘ Glitter Years ‘,  tearing up to the song ‘ Something to Believe In’ and ‘ Make a Play for Her now’, feeling like a love-sick teenager when ‘ In your Room’ and ‘ Waiting for You’ come through the speakers. Yes 29 years may have passed, but these beautifully crafted songs still tug at the heart strings and get the old feet tapping!

I’m instantly transported back to the concerts I gave to my Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids in my bedroom, when, without a care in the world, and with no one really watching, I would sing and sing and sing.

And I’m feeling a sense of sadness for all the time that has passed between listening to this music, the people I have loved and lost, my personal journey, the good, bad and EVERYTHING in between.

And whilst I might feel sad, this music also empowers. I think of the super strong woman who gifted me the album and all the memories it now inspires- time spent with loved ones, pets, friends, all with Bangles tunes as the musical backdrop.

It was by chance that I took this trip down musical memory lane today. The Bangles – Everything – turns the big 30 next year. For me the music is timeless and colours my childhood, teenage year , twenties and thirties. It has stood the test of time, an’ Eternal Flame’ in the story of my life.

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