Life Defined – Seven Words

Recently I had the misfortune of a stay in hospital.

But given that NSW was in the grips of an extreme heat wave, I welcomed the non-stop air conditioning, climate controlled approach to life.

The stay was short and sweet and I left almost as soon as I arrived.

Months passed and life continued.

By chance I opened a bag that I had remained closed since I had been patient in the public hospital system.

I found my discharged notes and saw that my life story, all 38 years, had been condensed into a seven word sentence:

Works in Office

Lives Alone

Supportive Family

Since discovering this extensive summation of my life I find myself reflecting on these seven words.

I have spoken to a treasured friend, read this account down the phone line – and shared a laugh, and nodded in agreeance at my confidants remarks ‘ A supportive family is all that matters’

True that.

I’d not be the person I am today without my support network, the unwavering love of my parents, brother, sister – in – law, niece, extended family and the many friends I have been blessed with.

When having your life summarised by medical staff who only know you as an illness, an injury – it brings happy tears to my eyes that during a short hospital stay, it was noticed that I have all the support in the world a girl could want – and then some.

How lucky I am.

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