Hernandez Coffee Shop, Kings Cross


2009 visit to Hernandez with Lisa

A week-long staycation in Sydney comes to an end.

A beauty of a week, winter sunshine, yoga, time by the sea and the company of cherished friends.

A week to indulge in all things I love about city living….and so a visit to Hernandez Coffee Shop, Kings Cross. Atmosphere alone, this place is a winner.

It has not been hipsterfied, not a beard or moustache in site, drinks served in coffee cups, not jam jars. A long black is a long black, not a dirty chai latte with a side of nut butter and a butterfly.

Coffee straight up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is iconically Sydney and rightly so – it remains timeless, may it never change.

On this visit I asked for a Vienna Coffee ( long black with whipped cream – I was on holidays after all!) but was informed the cream order had not come in that day.

So I offered a Bon Bon ( sweetened condensed milk, coffee shot topped with frothed mild) – a drink common to the cafe owner’s native home of Spain.

I deliberated over this for some time, then opted for a long black.

To my surprise a complimentary Bon Bon arrived, baby chino size, with my coffee order.

It hit the spot, sugary and sweet. I buzzed out of the coffee  shop, two coffees under my belt and onto my favourite op shop.

A staycation in Sydney should always include a coffee at Hernandez Coffee Shop, Kings Cross, but why stop at one! Timeless, iconically Sydney – may it never change.




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