Cementing Love…Take Three

This post has been recyled for a third time. One of my favourites from the last 6 years of writing Catch up with a Mate posts.

My fur best friend Flora and I, a union etched into cement, Earl Street, Randwick, circa June 2013. It high time I returned to my old hood, for old time sakes, to marvel at what was, what has been and what is yet to come.

In 2015 I wrote …..

As I prepare my great escape from the East, a few posts from my time in this exclusive neighborhood come to mind…and I just have to bring them to the forefront once more.

Cementing Love

In 2013 I wrote….

A few weeks back my street was treated to a new foot path / pavement.

Initially I was hesitant to engage in some street art…but when my neighbours started to get creative…I rallied to the cause.

The sun had gone down , so I shone my i-phone screen in the direction of the footpath with careful precision I lovingly carved my name, Flora the cat’s name, to cement.

And I got in just in time.. the footpath had nearly set….It was after all 7.33pm, and the cement had been laid at 9.07am.

I am ever so proud of my street art….Friends say I have changed, that the previous Kate Boyle would NEVER have engaged in modern-day street graffiti

But change is good…and everyday when I close the front door of my tiny flat and take to the streets, I am greeted with a constant reminder that change is good…the big, the small, the seemingly insignificant..

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  1. Sandra
    Aug 16, 2017 @ 01:53:50

    Flora in print for eternity.


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