Brighton Beach

That’s Brighton Beach, Wollongong.

A pristine stretch of sand and ocean blue that I had forever termed ‘Wollongong Harbor Beach’ ( accompanied with inner dialogue – I’d never swim there!!)

But yesterday, completely by accident, as I stood waterside in the late afternoon, snapping pictures for the post I assumed would be titled ‘Wollongong Harbor Beach’ the  identity of the coastal delight revealed itself to me in makeshift sign form.

Brighton Beach, Wollongong.

What a discovery! What a revelation! Some 39 years and counting, considering myself a local Gong girl – and still learning.

Online research followed – Brighton Beach Wollongong – confirming the little coastal inlet in Wollongong Harbor has an official name – was I the only one not in the know?

Not to worry – a quick swim, and some happy snaps and my naivety seemed forgiven.

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But thoughts that I knew my home town well were in an instant shattered – and that feeling remains today.

Brighton Beach Wollongong – my place of personal reckoning.

Seems I have a lifetime of learning ahead –  the 12 Beaches of Christmas 2018 can’t come soon enough!!

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