Catch Up with A Mate Month 2018

Catch Up with A Mate Month turns Seven!!

Catch Up with A Mate - Winter 2018

Catch Up with A Mate – Winter 2018

Hard to believe that 2555 days ago I decided that in June of each year I would devote my attention and time to fostering friendships, with old and new friends alike.

It was with nostalgia that I looked over the stories from June, 2011. So lovely to be reminded in words and pictures of the people who light up my world. A tug at the heart-strings, missing from the celebrations will be my fur best friend Flora, a founding member of the friendship movement that began 2555 days ago.

Determined to honor her memory , I’m going to commit to writing a blog post each day. For a blogger whose commitment to writing can best be described as sporadic, that is going to be a tall ask!

But a certain reader remarked earlier this week, ‘Blog writing, you hardly do that anymore”… and well,  it got me fired up. The desire to write returning with vengeance of the ‘I’ll show you’ variety! There are stories to be told. About what, only time will tell. Its going to be an unforgettable, quite possibly unremarkable month.

Cannot wait to tell you about it!!

P.S For old times sake, why not take a look back to the month of  June 2011 – Catch Up With A Mate month in its infancy. Bless xx







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