Children’s Wading Pool

Having returned to the South Coast for the festive season I have ample beaches and ocean pools at my disposal.

Yet the walk to the beach is turning into somewhat of a mission. With countless locals returning home from far flung places – Sydney, Singapore, Saigon the usual 5 minute stroll to the water can now be calculated at around 42 minutes and counting – catching up is time consuming work ‘How have you been?’ ‘ Where did the year go?’ ‘ So good to see you again’

With so much chatter lucky the 8th Beach of Christmas resides on my parent’s front verandah – a beautiful Bunning’s Hardware Store purchase – a Wading Pool ( $19.95)

Wading Pool

Wading Pool

‘ I love coming to your place Nanny’ remarked Ms R as she splashed around in the green plastic bath tub-sized water carrier on Thursday with her little sister Ms A.

Loved it so much that after a midday nap the pair spent the afternoon frolicking in the water some more – hours and hours of fun.

Ms R and Ms A - Wading Pool Fun

Ms R and Ms A – Wading Pool Fun

Anyone with kids knows that an excursion to the beach is a mission – packing the car with all the necessary ingredients for a seaside dip can exhaust and deplete.

Enter the Bunnings’ Hardware Store Wading Pool – a green plastic bath-tub sized water carrier, $19.95 worth of endless fun and no sand, salt or seaweed to contend with.

P.S Sun, Salt and Seaweed being everything I adore about the beach!! But I’d willingly sacrifice all this and more to see the delight on Ms R and Ms A in their green bath tub.



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