Gentlemen’s Baths Wollongong

It seems appropriate that upon catching up with two of the finest gentlemen I know, men who have regularly featured in the 12 Beaches of Christmas series, that I would review Wollongong’s finest – the Gentlemen’s Baths.

Not wanting to provide readers with a history lesson I shall insert a photo that provides an easily digestible overview of this 130 year old swimming hole .

Strolling along the Blue Mile promenade that links North Beach to Belmore Basin a memory of a swim in the Gentlemen’s Baths surfaced. My University days, many moons ago – late evening, mid-week, fully clothed?! Not very lady like but then again Splashes Night Club circa 1997 wasn’t either!!

With refined tastes now, a stroll at dusk soaking in the last rays of sunshine, I was to stand transfixed by a large body of water nestled in between rocks. Swimmers, male and female ( women have been able to bathe at the Gentlemen’s Baths since the 1920’s) frolicked in calm waters on floating devices, pool noodles and lilos.

Countless photos were taken and then I met two of the finest gentlemen I know for dinner at the Northbeach Pavillion – metre long pizza, wine and laughter.


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