North Maroubra

I always learn something new about Sydney when I venture out for a day trip with my friend Kirk.


Kirk and Kate – North Maroubra ( North Maldives)

Today I learnt that Maroubra Beach can be divided into three parts.  And whilst I’ve swam at Maroubra before prior to today I have not taken a dip at the Southern or Northern end of the beach. So today I discovered North Maroubra or North Maldives as I christened it.




No over water bungalow, hammock or seaplane required to immerse oneself in the bluest of blue waters and drift away from the perils of city living.

Perils indeed when you can leave behind the 9-5 office blues and be beachside in under 20 minutes.

Such is life for the Sydneysider and today Kirk and I basked in summer sunshine with North Maroubra’s finest, the Bra Boys, inked ( tattooed) with ‘ Lest we Forget’ ‘ My Brothers Keeper’ and everything in between. I may have discussed inking a postcode across my chest – 2515 ( Childhood Suburb) or the aspirational 2096 ( Northern Beaches) Never say never in 2019.

So the 12 Beaches of Christmas 2018-2019 comes to a close.

And I look to 2019-2020 with anticipation – for these beach reviews bring me such joy. And whilst the ocean, the sun, sand and salt are pure delight it is the familiar faces that join me for these beachside adventures that bring the greatest pleasure.







Jones Beach

Looking back on 2018 some of the greatest moments were spent near the ocean.

None more so than when I had just secured full-time employment  ( after a 10 month period of unemployment) and was enjoying the last days of freedom on the South Coast of NSW.

I wrote earlier in this series about exploring a section of the Kiama Coastal Walk when I wrote about Bombo Headland ‘ The Boneyard’

Before you are treated to the Bombo ‘Boneyard’ you will traverse over ‘ Jones Beach’.

On the day I completed the first section of the coastal walk, my parents joined me.

We walked those 8 kms accompanied by the occasional seagull – it was rare to sight another human on the walking trail.

We had Jones Beach all to ourselves. It was just magic.

Situated between Minnamurra Headland and the basalt columns of Cathedral Rocks, Jones Beach ( also known as Boyd Beach) is a popular surf and swim spot.

It was Winter when we visited Jones Beach and with swimming not an option, a photo shoot proved the perfect substitute.

My camera was spoilt for choice – which angle would I shoot from – North, South, East or West – perfect images at every turn.


Manly Beach

Surprisingly the iconic strip of coast that is Manly Beach had yet featured in the 12 Beaches of Christmas. I mean Manly Beach, come on!!

What might appear even more surprising is that I had never swum there. Having frequented almost every other beach nearby – Shelly, Queenscliff, Freshwater, Curl Curl , Little Manly , I’d somehow forgotten to dunk myself in the bigger bluer version.

So on the 1st day of 2019, determined to right this wrong a swim at Manly beach was at the top of the to-do list. But somehow a morning coffee turned into a swim at Freshwater Beach, a fish and chip lunch and park siesta – and the Manly swim was sidelined. But I was not deterred – intent on being flexible to new possibilities / opportunities in the New Year I was committed to going with the flow.

Manly eventually presented itself mid afternoon. With my beautiful Brisbane buddies, who walked hand in hand down the promenade, the afternoon was ours for the taking, the water cool and calming, the perfect antidote to the previous nights New Years Eve escapades.

And from their it just got better and better. Post swim we lazed in the shade on manicured lawns. We agreed that we fancied Chinese for dinner and walked to Eastern Hill, Manly were we ‘ discovered’ ( thanks google) Golden Chef Asian Cuisine. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

With the sun going down, our bellies full we took to the promenade post dinner and walked home.

It may have taken 40 years for the opportunity of a Manly Beach swim to arise but it was worth the wait – the ocean dip was the icing on the cake of a day that soared above and beyond expectations.

Great friends, amazing food and welcoming service, sun, sand and surf.

Summer 2019 done right!!




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