North Maroubra

I always learn something new about Sydney when I venture out for a day trip with my friend Kirk.


Kirk and Kate – North Maroubra ( North Maldives)

Today I learnt that Maroubra Beach can be divided into three parts.  And whilst I’ve swam at Maroubra before prior to today I have not taken a dip at the Southern or Northern end of the beach. So today I discovered North Maroubra or North Maldives as I christened it.




No over water bungalow, hammock or seaplane required to immerse oneself in the bluest of blue waters and drift away from the perils of city living.

Perils indeed when you can leave behind the 9-5 office blues and be beachside in under 20 minutes.

Such is life for the Sydneysider and today Kirk and I basked in summer sunshine with North Maroubra’s finest, the Bra Boys, inked ( tattooed) with ‘ Lest we Forget’ ‘ My Brothers Keeper’ and everything in between. I may have discussed inking a postcode across my chest – 2515 ( Childhood Suburb) or the aspirational 2096 ( Northern Beaches) Never say never in 2019.

So the 12 Beaches of Christmas 2018-2019 comes to a close.

And I look to 2019-2020 with anticipation – for these beach reviews bring me such joy. And whilst the ocean, the sun, sand and salt are pure delight it is the familiar faces that join me for these beachside adventures that bring the greatest pleasure.







4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Steve
    Jan 12, 2019 @ 10:24:42

    Top work Kate
    We will get to the ‘ Nuns Pool ‘ Wollongong during 2019


  2. Kirk
    Jan 14, 2019 @ 23:48:33

    Corker of a morning Kate! Let’s do it again soon. x


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