Ode to Michael Hutchence

I’ve returned from Paddington, having watched ‘Mystify’ the documentary about the late great INXS front-man Michael Hutchence.

In 1988 I recall getting a compilation cassette. It was not the one I wanted and I was bitterly disappointed. Despite my distain for ‘ 88 The Winners’ I was taken by one song in particular – ‘ New Sensation ‘ INXS. Side One, Track One.

It would play on high rotation for many, many years.


Nine years pass at it’s 1997. Despite a splendid music catalogue, Michael Hutchence, in recent years, has been better known for his high profile romances. The Grunge movement having transformed the music scene in the  early 1990’s with the likes of Oasis and Blur competing for the Brit pop crown.

INXS are on the come back trail and are to play in Wollongong at Waves nightclub late November.

A phone conversation on the day of the gig with my friend Cameron who has tickets to the concert ‘ Michael Hutchence is dead’

I’m not sure I uttered this remark out loud upon hearing this news but I thought it  ‘ Its because he did not want to play in Wollongong’

Years pass, I learn to appreciate good music and quality front men / women who put it all on the line for their art. I fall in love again and again with INXS. With Michael.

He oozed sex appeal, body rocking good looks coupled with an insatiable lust and passion for life, love and pleasure.

I’ve often thought what I’d give for the chance to see the INXS live, in a stadium of thousands, Kirk Pengilly on saxophone, The Farriss brothers on lead guitar and drums, Garry Beers on bass. And Michael front and centre.

The stuff of mere fantasy.

Michael’s legacy, INXS’s music is his timeless gift.

He is never far from the airwaves.

New Sensation – INXS, 1987.




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