Little Manly Beach ( revisited)

I first reviewed Little Manly Beach in 2017. I was lucky enough to be spending a summer’s afternoon in a home that had Little Manly Beach as its backyard. After a bbq lunch we jumped from manicured lawn into the ocean. It was a ‘Pinch me I must be dreaming’ moment.

Yesterday I returned to said beach and it was another ‘ Pinch me I must be dreaming’ occasion. For I was with my favourite Northern Beaches natives and their 4 month old daughter. And unlike my first encounter with Little Manly, we entered the ocean via shore and sand.

The water rejuvenated. Sydney has been blanketed in thick smoke for weeks on end, with much of the State battling bush fires. Though unnerving to stand looking out at a city skyline blanketed by smog, we were thankful to be able to cool off in the crisp clean salt water.

For a small stretch of coastline, Little Manly packs a punch. There was a large school group enjoying the ocean delights, office Christmas parties set up for seaside sessions and our tribe, the Northern Beaches natives, their 4 month old daughter and me.  We all frolicked together and weren’t we better for it!

The 9th Beach of Christmas : Little Manly Beach. A beach that warranted a second review….a small stretch of coastline that packs a mighty big punch!

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