Oak Park Rock Pool

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Setting off on an adventure this morning, I had high hopes of swimming at the Nun’s Pool, Cronulla. When I arrived I instead found Shelly Beach Ocean Pool.

The Nun’s Pool did not exist, rather it was the name bestowed upon Shelly Beach Ocean Pool, as it had once been a favourite swimming pool for Brides of Christ.

Intrigued by the coastal path that continued in a southerly direction I decided to follow my nose and see were I might end up.

Oak Park Rock Pool…..

What a discovery!! Magical, unexpected, awe inspiring, heavenly coastal paradise.

How could one pass up such a beautiful setting, with views to the South of the Royal National Park.? Without hesitation into the drink I did go!

Spurred on by this discovery, after the dip I continued my walk along a well trodden path……I passed Bass and Flinders Point, Salmon Haul Reserve and came to realise I was on a path known as the Cronulla Beach Walking Track.

A truly memorable 8th Beach of Christmas – Oak Park Rock Pool.

The first of many ocean swims I hope I take in this neck of the woods! Today was just the beginning. My Sutherland Shire baptism at Oak Park.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Di
    Dec 08, 2019 @ 09:17:27

    Wow Kate, it sounds magical. You have a beautiful way with words. You make it sound beautiful and exciting. I’ll have to join you one of these days, for a swim in one of these glorious pools


  2. Steve
    Dec 09, 2019 @ 08:51:48

    Oak Park is very good Kate. – well written with clear evidence of your enthusiasm for the location


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