MacKenzie’s Bay Beach

There was no time to waste with the review of the 5th Beach of Christmas, MacKenzies Bay Beach, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

I’ve lived in the city for 14 years and never had the opportunity to swim at this pocket size playground. Speaking to numerous locals, a friend remarked he’d had the pleasure of a dip at MacKenzies back in the 1990’s. Another recounted a swim their every two years of so. But in my time in Sydney I’ve never known it as a swimmers paradise.

Cut to Summer 2019 and Mackenzies Bay Beach has made a triumphant return. Enough sand has been wash ashore, covering rocks and providing swimmers the opportunity to sun bake on soft sand, to splash in ocean blue.

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I urge any Sydney sider to strike whilst the iron’s hot or rather whilst the sand bank is present and forgo a swim Bondi, Bronte, Maroubra.

Mackenzie’s Bay Beach is were it is at in 2019.

Haley’s comet is something I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, I cast my mind back to 1986, I was 8. The comet is next to make an appearance in 2061, I’ll be 83.

Mackenzie’s is a beach for the people NOW. Do yourself a favour and take a dip.

Make it a priority.

One never really knows when it will once more provide the opportunity!!


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