Resolute Beach

Resolute Beach : Numero Uno in the 12 Beaches of Christmas series 2019.

Located in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, 25 kms North of the Sydney CBD, a day pass will set you back $12.00.

Resolute – admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

To reach Resolute Beach you must possess such qualities. The decline to the water is steep ( hello knees!!) and the trek back post swim sets the heart a flutter.

But when you stand on the 60 metre stretch of sand that is Resolute beach, with stunning views across to Pittwater and the Barrenjoey Headland, all is forgiven.

Sneak peak

A simply stunning place for an ocean dip it is not surprising it often features in online articles titled ‘ Secret Beaches of Sydney’.

Sadly not the case. The secret is out. Many a discovery has been made.

Resolute ‘admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering ‘ commitment to return, again and again!!

Resolute Beach

Resolute Beach

Local swimmer


Darook Park

A chance meeting with a Cronulla local in early December made for interesting beach discoveries.

Presenting Darook Park.

A Sutherland Shire secluded beach bay, not a wave in site. Surrounded by bush land and lush natives, a more pristine place for a summer time dip you would be hard pressed to find.

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I drove South with a friend one Sunday for this aquatic adventure.

And I will drive South again.

Once you discover something as special as Darook Park it is hard to forget.

Each swim as special as the first.

Each swim as special as the last.


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