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I was to devote the month of September to all things feline….but today I found myself in one of my favourite parts of Sydney and now feel compelled to recycle a post from 2012.

It seems a life time ago that I ate at Ruby’s Diner, Waverly….so after a morning of indulgence, bread buying and a massage in Clovelly, I did just that.

I have long had a love affair with the cafe….it inspired the story below. Every word is true. And the aftermath, the story passed onto the waiter, Jack’s comment and my disappointment.

But that was then and this is now – and the food, the coffee, the atmosphere is still on point!!

Catch Up With A Mate

A short story…about breakfast!

She had a crush on the waiter at her local café.

It was impossible not too.

He possessed a curly mop of hair, unruly, untamed, his skin was olive and he towered over her, she liked men who were taller than her.

Then there was his accent ( which she had from good authority was Canadian) and lastly, his confidence, self belief…that was what sealed the deal…this café kid was cool.

And he knew it….

She’d been frequenting this café on and off for the past month…always hopeful that her scrambled eggs with mushrooms on the side would be delivered to her table by him.

If this wasn’t the case, she didn’t mind…she had a back up plan….she would order two coffees, one at a time, thus increasing the odds of a brief encounter.

She loved his flirtatious nature…Or was it all in her head?

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Five Sentence Fiction- Limitless

Four years ago I wrote this story.

I re-read it today….it was just what I needed.


Word Prompt- Limitless

Finally after months of torment in the school playground she had developed a tactic to cope with the bullying.

All the name calling, poking and prodding could not harm her once she found a quiet spot, closed her eyes and focused on her breath.

She had learned that the act of turning her attention inward soothed her, calmed her…the gentle inhale, the long exhale, was ever-present, a certainty in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

Whilst the hurt and suffering caused by the school yard bullies was still present, the act of focusing on her breath took the sting out of it.

Whilst in this quiet space she found peace within, the practice allowing belief to form that the name callers could not shape her destiny, her options in life where limitless!

10 years ago….

Catch Up With A Mate

10 years ago I wrote a short story titled ‘ The Gift’

It is a story that still resonates. And today is a good as any day to repost it on Catch up with a Mate.

And Five years ago I posted in on my blog

I wrote it about a person I knew at the time, who I have since lost contact with, writing a fictional story about the situation was my way of coping…. a way of expressing my anger, sadness, helplessness and disbelief that someone could live such a constricted and constrained manner.

I was merely a bystander, looking on, I could not say or do anything as this person would not have taken too kindly to any suggestion that they might want to stop for a minute,  slow down and take a few deep breaths…simple steps which would have provided the opportunity to ponder whether this…

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Life Defined – Seven Words

Recently I had the misfortune of a stay in hospital.

But given that NSW was in the grips of an extreme heat wave, I welcomed the non-stop air conditioning, climate controlled approach to life.

The stay was short and sweet and I left almost as soon as I arrived.

Months passed and life continued.

By chance I opened a bag that I had remained closed since I had been patient in the public hospital system.

I found my discharged notes and saw that my life story, all 38 years, had been condensed into a seven word sentence:

Works in Office

Lives Alone

Supportive Family

Since discovering this extensive summation of my life I find myself reflecting on these seven words.

I have spoken to a treasured friend, read this account down the phone line – and shared a laugh, and nodded in agreeance at my confidants remarks ‘ A supportive family is all that matters’

True that.

I’d not be the person I am today without my support network, the unwavering love of my parents, brother, sister – in – law, niece, extended family and the many friends I have been blessed with.

When having your life summarised by medical staff who only know you as an illness, an injury – it brings happy tears to my eyes that during a short hospital stay, it was noticed that I have all the support in the world a girl could want – and then some.

How lucky I am.

Five Sentence Fiction – Bedtime

'And they all lived happily ever after'
She knew that line meant her Father's bedtime story was over yet she was 
far from ready for lights out.
'Daddy, tell me another, the one about the princess who slept for 100 years!'
He yawned, whilst he was certainly ready for bed, his daughter's beautiful big 
blue eyes sparkled....sleep for her was light years away.
Resigning to the fact even this recital may not be the last of the 
evening he began....'Once upon a time.....'

Five Sentence Fiction – Abandon

It was found on the street, a puzzle box, containing tiny pieces that when placed together were to form a map of inner city Sydney circa 1960.

A house hold clean up, 70 years in the making, had resulted in items being abandoned street side.

The death of her elderly neighbour and the real estate auction sign that appeared soon after, signalled that change was in the air.

That was more than a year ago, and only yesterday, had the time felt right to assemble the puzzle.

Family and true ‘ Aussie’ friends gathered around the table, and piece by piece the jig saw was placed into position, a most memorable way to herald in Australia Day 2015.


Sydney in puzzle form

Five Sentence Fiction – Offering

Word prompt Offerings

She did know the little boy, who at just  eight years of age, had succumbed to cancer.

It took her by surprise, the usual suspects in the classified section were the elderly , the aged, not someone who’s life had just begun.

What kind of cruel world was this? What kind of offering could be made to set this injustice right.

She knew their was nothing to be done, nothing but be thankful.

As the gentle stream of tears subsided, she made a promise with herself to view each day as a privilege, not a right….it was the only way to honor the little boy and the gift called ‘ life’.

Five Sentence Fiction – Horizon

Five sentences written to the word- Horizon

It was now impossible to see an end in sight to the work place restructure.

Her emails unanswered,  phone message server clogged…a‘to-do’ list that stretched over 5 pages.

At first there had been a glimmer of hope that change was possible, that not too far off on the horizon, an office utopia would greet them.

That was 2 years ago, and the outlook had been clouded by broken promises and workplace demands engrossed her 24/7.

She was burnt out, tired, her bones ached for sleep…..When the ‘change’ happened, it could happen without her…she was d.o.n.e.

Five Sentence Fiction – Grief

His grief was all consuming

He could not remember a time when she had not been around

He could not comprehend a life without her, he did not want too

He was a young man of 20 when he had married his sweetheart, and now aged 90, it was as if he was experiencing loneliness for the first time.

For 70 years she had been by his side, and now she was gone…..and it was as if he was experiencing loneliness for the first time.

Five Sentence Fiction- Darkness

Five sentences written in Five minutes….taking this challenge to the next level!!

‘Mum, turn the light off!!’

Of late, this had been the demand that was bellowed in her direction once her son had settled himself into bed.

‘It’s not nice to yell Max, but if you ask in your nice voice, your quiet voice, I might consider it’ was what she wanted to whisper.

Instead, she made him wait, that would teach him that the art of yelling was not the way to get things done.

And when she finally peered her head in his room 15 minutes later, she was greeted by darkness and the soft snores of a very tired 9 year old.

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