Gone to Devon


Late last year, a friend of the four leg variety passed from this life to the next.

A few weekends ago I learnt from my best mini mate, Leah Kate, just where Carlos the Great now resides.

Carlos the Great was a petite rescue dog with big personality, attitude and sense of entitlement. Not many dogs I know would have the balls to board the 339 bus from Clovelly beach to the city. Not many dogs I know could carry off a dryz-a-bone coat, Sydney Swans hoodie or bow tie with as much pizzazz as Carlos- or get by demanding to be hand feed & toileted by his human carers.

Carlos the Great was loved. He lived a Great life and now he is gone.

He is sorely missed his humans & animals friends, no more so than by Chelsea, the rescue dog who no longer gets to eats two kibble meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. A single bowl, a single serve.

Leah Kate noticed Chelsea had the blues at a recent BBQ. Chelsea’s mood was summed up perfectly by Miss 2 years, 10months-

‘Chelsea wants to go inside and play. But she has got no one to play with because Carlos has gone to Devon’

Ah, so that is where Carlos is residing. The quintessential seaside town on the Cornish Coast- Leah Kate is right…… Chelsea is lonely as Carlos is a long long long way from Marrickville, Sydney.

Nothing Leah Kate can’t fix with a sweet story- ‘ Who sank the boat?’ Chelsea?

Chelsea to Leah’ I don’t know, but can I hop aboard and sail to Devon?’


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