There’s no place like home

I was five years old when I played Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, in the St Michaels Catholic Primary School Christmas play.

I was Dorothy version two – the meaty role was divided between two ‘actresses’. Though I had no more than 5 lines, I still recall the tears that welled in my eyes as I pronounced to a packed audience at the Thirroul R.S.L club ‘ There is no place like home’. I had practiced that line over and over, to be sure that I could click my heals at the same time whilst fixing my gaze on the theatre goers.

I am sure the tears were the result of nerves, staged fright & excitement but now, 32 years later, those words have served me well. For it is true, there is no place like home, the sleepy seaside town of Austinmer, 2515, South Coast, NSW.

And with the click of my heals , I find myself back there, my family home, nestled between the lush green escarpment and crystal clear ocean. The place of my childhood, the place I return to as a grown women, to relax, rejuvenate and unwind .A place where I know I am loved, welcomed and safe.

There is no place like home, there is no place like home.

CUWAM- Coming full circle

An ordinary week in for an ordinary girl living an ordinary life.

Gym sessions in Kings Cross, a night out in Darlinghurst to see a play at the Tap Theatre ( it should be called the Tapped Theatre….is was a very ODD production), lunch with family, drinks with friends, shopping for underwear in Target, cups of coffee in Clovelly, grooming a cat whose winter coat must have been of such exceptional quality that there is enough loose fur to knit a matching scarf, hat and gloves for next season….Life as only I know it….

And a weekend road trip to the South Coast…leaving home at 7am, with Flora the cat in her car capsule, a seasoned traveller who only meowed a few times on the journey ( and I think it was more a meow in protest of my attempts to sing along to Washington’s fantastic cd ‘ I believe you Liar…a cd still on high rotation)

Off loading Flora and a load of dirty clothes to the parental home in Austinmer, I headed further South, a good 45 minute drive to Shellharbour, were I treated myself to a cut and colour at D’Luxe Hair and Beauty….A cup of coffee, a chance to catch up on magazine gossip ( Kim Kardarshians 72 day marriage it OVAH screamed every glossy cover) , and local salon gossip,  I chimed in on chatter about all things beauty, Hilary Duff and her baby bump, fashion tips and fake tans….I emerged from the salon a new women, a smattering of golden highlights and a freshly cut mane…thank you D’Luxe ladies….

A afternoon spent admiring the delightful baby DPA….who’s Mum and Dad looked a little worse for wear, with little DPA desiring little sleep between the midnight hours…But while my friend Kate and I were in his company that afternoon, DPA slept soundly in his little cot,and though his song choice to sleep was slightly worrying ie Michael Jackson, ‘ Man in the Mirror’,  Mum Alison was as proud as punch that MJ was able to sooth her son to sleep.

An evening meal at my favourite cafe, Fireworks , on Moore Street, Austinmer…..Dining with Mum and Dad, we devoured sumptuous meals of trout and sorrel sauce ( a green leaf used in soups and sauces..with a taste similar to kiwi fruit and or sour wild strawberries…who knew…it sounds a bit Willy Wonker to me!!), pan friend chicken with kipfler potatoes and octopus salad with chilli, mint, pomegranate and labneh….Dessert was just as heavenly…Portions of Lime and ginger cheesecake and Pineapple and coconut cake….And whilst my Mother declared she wanted to savour the taste of her main meal, for the sorrel sauce was to die for, when desert hit the table, I know Mum was secretly glad that the waitress had provided her with a spoon so she could sample both dishes…

Fireworks Cafe, Moore Street, Austinmer

Sunday was a day of general relaxation, a swim in the ocean at Little Austi beach, a quick trip down to the Thirroul High Street for some lunch time shopping, and afternoon sunning session with Flora, where I was able to collect more fur for next seasons garmets…..A afternoon storm started to clear as my wonderful friends Jess and Wade, with Ms Mae in tow arrived at the homestead. Ms Mae soon f0und herself surrounded by 5 ‘big people’ , eyes glued on the precious little bundle of joy,  who was flexing her legs and arm strength and showing us her new crawling skills….

And then to ‘ The Bar Next Door to Samuel’s’ in Thirroul, to celebrate the 30th birthday of true blue local Adam….After downing two vodka lemon and limes, Jess, Wade, Mae and I high tailed in to another truly local Thirroul establishment, Mars Cafe…Chinese Restaurtant Emporium…..Meals Are Really Satisfying….For vegetable chop suey, Mongolian chicken, dim sums, spring rolls and boiled rice….One knows not to expect the world from Mars cuisine…but one will ALWAYS be satisfied and look forward with eager eyes and salivating mouth to the next encounter with this Thirroul staple…

Dinner was devoured, conversation flowed and Mae crawled and crawled and crawled…..We parted ways at 7pm, and I packed the car, put Flora back in her capsule and drove home along the coast road, joining the Princess Highway, Sydney bound….

And I am back at my desk, it is Monday, I write in my lunch break…I have come full circle, and I took Flora the cat along for the ride….and what a ride it was….

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