Bubble O’Bill Ice Creams

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Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.

This week, I am paying homage to an Australia ice cream, Streets Bubble O’Bill, an iconic ice cream on a stick, a sweet treat that flavours many of my childhood memories.

A Bubble O’Bill ice cream is best enjoyed with friends….summer or winter, autumn or spring…Season’s don’t really matter, but the company you share whilst devouring the combination of chocolate, strawberry and caramel ice-cream + bubble gum ball  is MOST important.

The fable begins, when as a young girl, aged 10, my Father and one of his best mates, would relieve their respective wives of a weekend of child raising duties, and head South…as far south as they could handle with a bunch of kiddie-winks under 10!!

The place we ascended on, time and time again, was Bream ‘ Beautiful ‘ Beach. As the eldest of the pack of rug rats, I was taken on these weekend trips as a glorified baby sitter, some-one who could look after the ‘youngster’ whilst the Dad’s took their tinnie far from shore, for spot of fishing.

Hours later they would return, and the kids, including me, would be OVER  it….Hungry, tired, hot, exhausted….the only thing that could redeem our Dad’s after a morning of seaside torture was the promise of an ice cream…not just any ice cream…a Bubble O’ Bill

We would sing on high as our car, towing the boat would near the Errol Bay New agency…singing made up tunes about ice cream, putting extra pressure on our Dad’s, making it near impossible for them to do a drive by without an ice cream purchase.

And when the sweet chocolate, caramel and strawberry goodness hit our lips, ALL was forgiven….The pain staking hours in the morning sun, the tears and tantrums as our Dad’s boat neared the shore, only to swerve back out to sea, signalling that the waiting game would continue….running out of food rations, water and ideas to keep everyon entertained, happy….Everything was ALWAYS forgiven when we received a Bubble O’Bill.


As an adult, it is with fondness that I look back on those times in the summer sun, so much so that only last year, the original gang assembled at Bream, 15 years had passed, and there were new ‘gang’ members;  a few husbands and a girlfriend…eager to experience the legend that has become a weekend away at  Bream Beach.

And a legendary weekend require a legendary ice cream…So true to form, we stopped by the Errol Bay newsagency ( there was no need for a sing along this time…we had control of the wheel!!) and purchased 8 Bubble O’ Bills.

That evening, after a few wines, and a lovely dinner…in what was truly chilly conditions…we indulged in our favourite childhood ice cream….Time may have passed, but dessert transported us back to childhood ( it took the Bream Beach first timers were as well)….Smiles spread across our faces, ice cream dripped down our chin and in an instant…we were kids again!!

So do yourself a favour, grab a Bubble O’ Bill and be a big kid again….thats an order!!

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