CUWAM: Expect the Unexpected

2012 is the year I will adopt the following mantra ‘ Expect the Unexpected’….It is a new outlook that sprung to mind as I walked through Central Station train terminal on Friday morning…it is the well-worn path I take on my way to work each day…Ho hum, ho hum.

But on this particular Friday morning, at 8.23am , an Elvis Presley look-alike competition was taking place…a make shift stage had been erected and  middle-aged men donning rockabilly black wigs were all  performing ‘ Hunk of burning love’. It was almost too much to take so early in the morning, and my gut reaction was to walk in the opposite direction whilst covering my ears.

But before I could quick step it out of the terminal, a smile had begun to spread across my face…what was not to love about this scene….Grown men, with their wives and or girlfriends in tow, aka their ‘ Priscilla Presley’s’, in bell bottom pants , tight tops, drawn on side burns and wigs…It was actually quiet hysterical…There was pandemonium at the station, people were swing dancing and singing along, swaying their hips and dancing check to check…And all before 9am…It was a sight to behold.

Who would have thought eh, an Elvis Presley convention at Central station Sydney at 8.23am…..You would not have dreamed it possible….But it happened and I was privileged to witness this early morning spectacular…it provided great joy, a permanent smile for the whole day…and inpired the mantra that I will live by in 2012….’ Expect the unexpected’….

And while this mantra was closely rivalled by the slogan adorning one of the die-hard Elvis fan’s at the early morning convention ‘ Live the Dream’, by living by ‘ expect the unexpected’  in 2012 I am willing the the joy of the unknown to inspire some great blog posts….

The week that was did contain the predicatable….the mundane, dry and boring.

  • Work and the daily commute
  • Housing Keeping ( random intervals throughout each day)
  • Bad weather ( Sydney’s summer season has more often that not resembled thunders storms, rain clouds and puddles)

But it was far outweighed by the joy brought on by the following events

  • Sydney Festival Fun- With my friend Jill from Edinburgh in town, the pressure was on to maintain the party pace that had been established the week before….So we attended the show Circa at the Sydney Opera House on Monday night. To quote the Opera House website, Circa is a’ breathless cocktail of circus’ ,an awe-inspiring mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, aerobatics and out of this world performance stunts….On Thursday, Jill and I, this time accompanied by our mutual friend Aaron saw ‘ Son’s and Daughter’s‘, a Scottish rock band from Glasgow…who were hot, hot, hot….I always enjoy listening to live music, and never having heard this band before, on Jill’s recommendation, we had purchased our tickets….worth every cent
  • Dinner and dancing- When you have a friend in town, you play host…..Sydney took on the feel of a big summer play ground, and despite the poor weather, Jill and I travelled around the city in my little car. We had dinner at inner city dumpling houses, shopped for clothes at Rozelle Markets and had coffee in Balmain. Saturday was to be our last hurrah, for Jill was leaving Sunday. Celebrating 10 years of friend with fellow travellers Aaron and our friend Marty, we had dinner and drinks in Newtown and then danced the night away on Oxford street at indie hang out Sprectrum….We went out in style…calling it a night / day at 4am Sunday morning…Feeling fragile, Sunday was about bed rest, comfort cooking and DVD watching….

So here’s to 2012….and too unpredictability, throwing caution to the wind and going with the flow…whatever that may be….And I guess I should say thank you to the King for this sunny outlook….Thanks Elvis…xxx

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