CUWAM- A photo essay of the Cornish Coast

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P.S Today was the hottest 29th September in England since…..drum roll….1895!!! Loving it!!…a grand 29 degrees temperature….I have a sunburn…

CUWAM- Cornish country side….and a life long dream realised

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For as long as I can remember ( which appears to be precisely 10 year and 8 months!!) I have wanted to explore the Cornish Coast…for reason none other than it appeared to be beautiful , quaint and lusciously green, with rolling hills and paddocks filled with diary cows and working horses…it people, men and women who are charmed by seaside living, each village home to enough characters to warrant novel writing…a volume of work dedicated to the Cornish people ….

For it is both the landscape and the people who add immeasurable value to an experience best  described as ‘ rambling’, rambling through ancient castles, well trodden paths, country kitchen, windy road and lashing of clotted Cornish cream.

The written word cannot do justice to the sites that greet a visitor to Cornwall….it has to be experienced for yourself and I would urge any visitor to the UK, who has the luxury of time, to explore this part of England…You will not be disappointed, it would impossible, rather, you will find that no amount of time here is enough, and that one day you will return, to pick up where you last left your Cornish adventure…..your walk through a field, your admiration of the harbour, your perusal of a blackberry bush, your date with a good book and Cornish pasty

So I will insert pictures into this blog were you may expert to find words.

For anyone interested in knowing more about the Cornish Coast, places to stay, sites to see, places to eat, sound tracks to listen to whilst driving….on my return to OZ I will write up my Cornish fact sheet that I would happily send out to any interested persons.

So to Andrew and Steve, thank you for taking me on a road trip to Cornwall….you have made this Sydney girl very happy, thank you, thank you thank you

To Mousehole, the town we stayed in, as a cat lover the town could not have been more perfect!! The town was beautiful beyond belief, as our guide said ‘ Quaintness clings to Mouse hole ( pronounced Mouz’L) like a cat’….Picture perfect, with cat references in every gift shop…It was as if Mousehole found me….and for that I am thankful

And to the Cornish Coast, your beauty is an inspiration….whether covered in a seaside mist, overcast or drenched in September sun….you never fail to charm your admirers…And I am a convert ( but I also knew I would be)   Thank you

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