Five Sentence Fiction- Vacation

Hi Guys- to the FSF crew….I realise that I wrote to the word prompt Vacation, when FReeDom is now the word of choice.

Well, upon reading the short story below….the character is longing for freedom….but each day seems to imply it is a long way off.

The very word irritated her: vacation.

It’s eight letters, each one representing the number of years it had been since her last holiday.

Eight years of office drudgery; endless meetings, deadlines, paperwork, phone calls and emails – it all fell under the same category ‘urgent’.

The frantic pace of office life made it seem impossible to stop, reflect,reassess…..she just kept going, with no certainty of an end in sight.

It was a word made up of only eight letters, but it irritated her to no end.

Five Sentence Fiction- Companion

Word prompt Companion

Staring at the classified section of the Saturday paper she recognised the words of someone ever so familiar

‘ Mature male seeking female companion to share a love of gardening, bush walking and tea drinking’

She knew the words where her Father’s, who had been widowed 4 years ago, when his wife, her mother had died of liver cancer.

She was so proud to see those words in bold print in the newspaper, she had been pushing him ever so gently to get out and meet new people, it was time, they both knew it.

And without any fanfare he’d done it, ever so sneakily….as she reread his list of must haves again ‘ a love if gardening, bush walking and tea sipping’ her smile broadened, he had forgotten to add an essential requirement- a love of sushi making, a skill he had recently mastered the art of, a cuisine now devoured for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Five Sentence Fiction-Ruins

Word Prompt- Ruins

How could she want more, ruin what they already had?

On closer examination, he reflected that the friendship they shared was close to perfect, more than he could ever have hoped for with a person of the opposite sex.

The letter held tightly in his hands revealed she wanted more than friendship, she had done so ever since they met at the town hall dance 2 years earlier.

Was his anger a result of his inability to see this coming, this hot and heavy letter with references to love, devotion and undying passion?

He was totally and utterly confused, questions flooded his mind, demanding instant answers… But there were nothing to be done in that moment but to tear the letter to shreds and leave it in pieces on the floor.

Five Sentence Fiction – Lucky

Word prompt- Lucky

‘Put your hand into the box , go on, up on your tip toes, reach inside and see what treasure you can find’

She was’nt interested in this game at all…she didn’t believe in luck, even when it game to picking prizes in a lucky dip.

‘I’m going to get a prize meant for a boy’ she thought over and over as her hand fumbled around inside the box, settling on a round shaped object she assumed was an apple.

It turned out to be a tennis ball…she hated anything to do with sport.

Pin the tail on the donkey hand begun in the room across from the kitchen, but she hadn’t the heart to get involved, what was the point anyway, she was bound to loose, instead she took a plate piled high with party food and sat alone in the backyard…..finally in this moment she began to enjoy her birthday festivities.

Five Sentence Fiction- Ache

Word Prompt- Ache
These 5 Sentences were inspired by the poem ‘ Ode to a Nightingale’ by my favourite poet, John Keats.

She sat enthralled by the words her English teacher read aloud:

‘ My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains’

She was not sure what exactly this poet Mr Keats was on about…but she was captivated by the richness of his words and the imagery they inspired.

‘ Now more than ever seems it rich to die, To cease upon the midnight with no pain, While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad in such sweet ecstasy!

As her teacher read the final verse, a single tear rolled down her cheek, and in an instant she knew that this was the beginning of a lifelong appreciation of the poetry of the magnificent John Keats.

Five Sentence Fiction – Frozen

Word Prompt- Frozen

The cafe music stopped her dead in her tracks.

She stood still, frozen, her mind flashing back to a time when she knew what is was to be happy.

She swore she could hear her former lovers voice whispering in her ear ‘ I told you that we could fly, ‘cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why’

Tears welled in her eyes, the lyrics caused her body to sway involuntarily, her heart ached.

‘ I, I was standing, You were there, Two worlds collided, and they could never tear us apart’

And the song that inspired this piece- INXS, Never Tear Us Apart

Five Sentence Fiction- Sparks

From her bedroom window she could see into her neighbours backyard.

A fire burned brightly, sparks and embers filling the night sky.

If she strained her ears, she thought she could hear distant sobbing.

The elderly woman in the garden, tossing copious reams of paper, her late husband’s life work, his unpublished manuscripts into the flames.

She was too young to understand powerful emotions, or the actions of a women fuelled by bitterness and regret…yes the scene was puzzling, but the backyard fire a thing of beauty.

Five Sentence Fiction – Moon

Her love of travel could not be contained.

Her love of the new experiences it provided knew no bounds.

No sooner than she had returned from some flung place around the globe, that her bags were packed again for the next trip.

Call her a free spirit, a global nomad, a women of the world, call her what you would……she lived her life unaware of any label.

Her parents just shook their heads, sighed when a relative asked of her whereabouts, but did so as there face’s lit up with a huge grins, for they knew that within their family, she was the truly happy one.

This Five Sentence Fiction piece was inspired by one of my favourite songs’ Moon River’ from the movie ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s …in particular the following line-

” Two drifters off to see the world, There’s such alot of world to see’

Five Sentence Fiction- Silver

The Christmas craziness was coming to an end.

Her husband was in the kitchen, washing the last of the wine glasses, she had fed the dog and the kids were silent, mesmerised by the tv….. Toy Story 2 was on the box.

Looking her watch, she didn’t have the heart to remind her children it was passed their bedtime, the rule book had been thrown out the window that day….they had both been up since 4am, curious to see what the man in red had left them under the tree.

She removed her apron, hung it over the dining room chair and walked into the lounge room, snuggling in bedside her youngest on the couch, who was doing his best to keep his eye lids from closing.

As his Mother’s hands rested upon his head, he whispered ” Mum…I love you so much….more than silver and gold…more than the presents Santa gave me’

Five Sentence Fiction – Alone

Her world was self created…dark, cold and barren.

She was sick of residing there….but the familiarity of this place had its hold….draped over her like a warm blanket on a cold winters night.

Oh how she wanted to leave, and how others wanted her to follow them, along the well trodden path towards a brighter place.

People she had passed on her journey had offered her a map, a compass, even a free train ride….but she had declined all offers.

She knew she had to be the one to find her own path out of the darkness, no one could do it for her….slowly but surely she would emerge, she had done it before and would do it again.


I did not use the word ALONE, but I hope the message comes across. A quote I heard a friend say in 2013 also rings true…’Actions speak louder than words’…and whilst writing helps, action is required to move forward.

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