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I am slowly losing the will to live ( within the confines of an office block anyway)…but the will to blog remains….it  grows stronger each time I am sidetracked from my ‘true calling’.

I am a day behind in my blog entry and each time I answer a work related email, or provide some awesome level of customer service to a newly arrived University student, a voice inside my head say ‘ You need to work on that which is MOST important, that which brings you most happiness, your true calling in life…the life of a writer’

Well maybe the voice is not that DRAMATIC, but I honestly have been wanting to hit the keyboard from the past 27 hours and have failed miserably each time I have thought the moment to write was upon me…until now.

There is also another factor plaguing my writing ability….I am sick. Struck down with a summer flu, feeling blue….hard of hearing, heavy of head…the usual tale of woe that goes with flu-like symptoms….Looking to anyone for sympathy, rarely getting any and just having to ‘ get on with it’…even though you feel like staying in bed, and sleeping off this dreaded head cold, awakening hours, days later if necessary, all shiny and new…fabulous and fancy free!!

But no…I have had to muddled through the past couple of days in a daze…I long for the light at the end of this summer flu.

The week that was, last week, was golden….till I got sick that is….So forgive me if I glance over Thursday through to Sunday ( and all the people I spent time with during that time period, please take no offense…I truely enjoyed your company)

Monday and Tuesday: Movie Nights. I saw the ‘ Dictator’, the new Sacha Baron Cohen Film and ‘ The Separation’ , an Iranian film which won an Oscar last night for best foreign film. Both movies were interesting in their own right, and could not have been more different ( from that sentence you can tell my forte is not film reviewing)

Wednesday: An after work swim at the devine Wylie’s Baths in Coogee with friends, following by burgers and chips from my favourite Clovelly Burger shop: ‘ Out of the Blue’ on Clovelly Road…Burger heaven…Do yourself a favour and next time you are in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs….Burger it up!!

Thursday: The Highlight

A roof top swim in Kings Cross in the early evening….Following a body pump session at a Darlinghurst gym ( a session which reduced my walking skills to a mere shuffle by Saturday…the pain of avoiding weights for 8 months and then assuming your body can take it….oh so wrong!!)

But the roof top swim…what was not to love? I have ideas above my station…A roof top swim on NYE 2011-2012 developed in me a preference for swimming in pools at skyscraper level ONLY…. for water frolics that allow the swimmer to feel as though they are amongst the clouds…who is really into earth-bound swimming anyway?

Thanks to a body beautiful colleague, a Thursday night roof top dip was possible…This was followed by ice cream, sushi and wine.

The next day I awoke to sickness….

Friday, Saturday and Sunday…whilst I did my best to will my sickness to the back of my mind….and get on with my life as best I could….I faltered often. In between naps, and drinking lots of fluid, I caught up with my wonderful God Father in Haberfield and dined with the parentals at my new favourite restaurant in Randwick: Chat Thai.

Monday- I have repressed it

Tuesday: The day I found the time to blog, and put my sickness to the side and hit the keyboard running….


CUWAM: A visit from the Toilet Paper Fairy

Toilet Paper Fairy

The week that was pretty spectacular….for many reasons which I will list in this post.

But by far the most fabulous thing that happened during the week was a visit not from the Easter Bunny,Tooth Fairy or St Nick, but the ever elusive Toilet Paper Fairy, who was in da house at a chicken schnitzel restaurant in Darlinghurst on Wednesday night. Two friends and I were dining alfresco at Una’s, our colourful conversation perfectly matched by the evening parade of people out and about on the city streets.

After my second wine, I left my friends and headed to the ladies….There was a queue, but there are queues in most places in Sydney these days! When a cubicle became vacant, I maneuvered myself into the  allocated space.

‘ There is not toilet paper in there’, remarked the lady who had just exited the toilet.

‘ Nevermind’, I replied, as I threw caution to the wind and closed the toilet door behind me.

I reasoned that there was a queue, the other toilet ( there was only one other) was probably paperless as well, and what that hell, I could cope with this situation…plus I really wanted to rejoin my friends as soon as possible…my meal, all that chicken schnitzel goodness may have very well arrived whilst I pondered the question to ‘paper or not to paper’

And then she appeared, well just her hand, a few fingers really that had snuck  discretely under the cubicle door….’ Would you like some toilet paper?’

The toilet paper fairy….She had come just in the nick of time…My savouir…what a women!!

‘ Thanks, thanks so much’

‘ Don’t mention it, I know the feeling’

And with such kind words the fairy handed over enough paper for me, and the next 10 toilet patrons!! What a women!! So very thoughtful, so kind, so simple a gesture…

I quickly went about my business, I wanted to catch the toilet paper fairy out, I wanted to thank her face to face….Yet even as I raced to flush the toilet, I knew I would not see her again…I stepped out into an empty washroom

On re-entering the dining hall, I glanced around, hoping to have an instant connection with one of the restuarant patrons, but alas….it was not to be…I rejoined my friends, said nothing of my encounter and began the epic task of eating my sumo size schnitzel.

So miraculus was my encounter that I am left almost speachless / wordless infact…But the week that was had many hightlights, and I will list them in point form:

An evening with my wonderful friend Steph at the Opera House, Sydney to see the one and only, IOTA….Amazing…Do yourself a favour, and if you get the chance, see this man perform…Extrodinary, out of the ordinary, with a voice that soars….

  • Drinks in the Rocks, Sydney, with my brother, his fiance and comrades which included a Brazilian Docter….His explanation of the medical reason behind hiccups was insightful!
  • A catch up 5 years in the making with childhood friends Alex and Leah, and Una’s on Wednesday. Dinner, drinks and ice cream…Good company and conversation…What more could a girl want…Oh, and a visit from the toilet paper fairy!!
  • A Saturday that was mine, all mine, cuddles with Flora, a gym session in Kings Cross, an evening swim at Coogee Beach, pototoe scollps for dinner and summer tennis on tv
  • A birthday BBQ for my little brother, a devine meal in Shellharbour with our newly extended family ( thats what an engagement will do!!) Wonderful food, drinks, company and entertainment ( thanks to 2 year old  Maddix, you are cricket star in the making!!)
  • A sneak peak at my sleeping god daughter at 8pm on Sunday night. Ms Mae, soon to turn one…And her Mum and I are already is disagreement of the birthday cake…love it!!

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