A declaration : Be the change you seek

On the eve of the Catch up with a Mate Month, June 2012,  I sit down to write.

I have just returned from a talk that was part of the Vivid Festival, at which spoke  Chad Dickerson, the CEO of Etsy, the hugely successful online creative marketplace. Joining him for a conversation about the creative and its power to bring about change were 3 social entrepeneurs from Sydney.

The Vivid Festival Sydney is a spectacular 18 day celebration of light, music and ideas….a festival which embraces the creative…it has left me feeling inspired.

Be the change you seek

Of late I have been feeling a bit lacklustre about….well….everything

It is likely that those feeling will fade…as they tend to do..they come and go, sometimes hanging around longer than expected, sometimes paying only a fleeting visit.

This time round…they have hung around for longer than necessary….Be gone feeling of lacklustre!!

On stage tonight, 4 courageous people took turns in explaining their creative visions, why they do what they do, what motivates and inspires them. Though each story was different, what united the panel was their self belief and determination in not only themselves, but their business to bring about social change, be it to an individual, group, community or entire nation ( watch out world!!)

There is nothing I find more inspiring than a person who believes in themselves.

Over the last couple of days, perhaps weeks ( do I have to admit months??) my self belief has been slowly unravelling….little by little, I have begun to doubt my self-worth and ability ‘to be the change I seek’

The change I seek?…to be more honest, open to experience, vibrant, engaged, passionate in all aspects of my life.

How will I do this?…by putting conscious effort into these areas which I have identified as important.

The key component to a person’s ability to bring about change is self belief …and the Vivid panel has reminded me of the that self belief is a vital tool that allows one to believe that anything, yes, anything is possible.

So to Catch up with a Mate month….a month where personal reflection is a necessity, a month in which to make a conscious effort to identify what inspires you, a month to surround yourself with friends and family….

Lets the fun times begin….

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