Friendship Fire Starter: Dinner Date

Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.

And this weeks ode is about two of my favourite things in life….Eating and Friendship…Put the two together and you get a dinner date..

This weekend I am planning on dining out with one of my most treasured friends…half of a twin combo….that I was fortunate enough to befriended at 10 years of age…How could I have been so lucky?…to have not one but two best friends…Someone was smiling down on me when the Lee twins moved to the sleepy South Coast town in NSW many moons ago…

So I have mentioned the friend and now for the eating part.

I cannot remember a time in my life when food or the art of eating was not at the forefront of my mind….Not only have I always loved to eat…But I have loved to cook, to bake…As a 10-year-old I used to play ‘cafes’, turning the family kitchen into a commercial business, making menus and insisting my parents and brother sit down at the dining table and order breakfast items of the order board. My Dad would roll his eyes as I prepared his cereal bowl of corn flakes with muesli….My brother would complain at the time taken to perfect bacon and eggs….But I could not have been happier…

At age 12 I took to holding cake stores street side, sellingĀ  cupcakes, slices and biscuits to just about anyone who would part with cash for my humble homemade treats….At age 16, with both Lee twins in tow and one other recruit, the delightful KS, I turned an idea of running a monthly restaurant in a community centre into a reality……Yes, eating, dining out, call it what you want…My love affair with food has stood the test of time.

And it is with must anticipation that this weekend I will ascend onto the newly established restaurant in Sydney’s CBD: Jamie’s Italian….I could, as the song inserted below implies, not be any more excited!!

Jamie Oliver…I am a fan, a groupie….call me what you like….I admire you whole heartedly.

But if I am honest, and this is a quality I want to live by, I was not always a fan…I truely thought of you as just another celebrity chef….But all that changed for me when you launched your Ministry of Food campaign in 2008…then I really started taking notice….Your passion, belief and determination to get everyday people to change bad eating habbits….suggesting change in ways that were both simple and managable…Yes, you won me over.

And then I took time to go back and look and all the other wonderful things you had done thorughout your cooking career…. and my admiration for you just grew and grew and grew…

So it is true to say that I can’t wait to dine with fabulous friends at your Sydney restaurant this coming weekend….Fabulous friends and one of life’s great pleasure, food ( and a couple of glasses of wine)

Next week I will follow up with a review of the dining experience….I will do my best to capture the essence of the restaurant, the flavours of the food, the wine…and of course relay some of the quality conversation that is bound to flow.

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