CUWAM…..Lunar Bob and the great escape ( on a city rail train)

It would be an understatement to say that office life was not getting me down this week….I hope my blogging has not been contaminated by the daily grind…so to combat the drudgery long lunches had been my salvation….and Fridays was to be the longest.

After a very satisfying Friday Office morning tea ( which is so amazing most staff members skip breakfast),  I left the office for lunch…I caught a city rail train North… catch up with a friend, my former boss Mr Kirk Doyle. As the train crossed the Harbour Bridge I gazed out the window, and was treated to a wonderful lunch time view, the Sydney Opera House, the shimmering blue of the harbour and the boats the called the her home….

I met Kirk on Blue Street, North Sydney…Still full from morning tea I only had a coffee whilst Kirk snacked on lunch. Over tales of office woe we laughed and sighed in unision…till a ferocious wind disturbed our alfresco dining and we decided to walk to the harbour….

We side tripped into the garden of Wendy Whitely, wife of the late artist Brett Whitely, the garden an oasis for people to come and marvel at natures beauty….a favourite place of mine…As we neared Milsons Point Station, on a whim, Kirk and I decided to stroll through Lunar Park, an iconic theme park located on the harbour shore front….

It was there that we meet Lunar Bob, and our lunch date became just that little bit more special / surreal…things were getting just a little bit too manic for my liking…As I left Lunar Park  I uttered ‘ That was Hilazing’ and not much more could be said…Kirk and I continued to smile as we parted at the train station…coming to a mutual understanding that ‘ Hilazing’ was when some was both amazing and hilarious at the same time…enough said.

The evening was spent with work colleagues….dinner at the Sultans Table, Enmore and a play at the Newtown Theatre called ‘ The Bonfire’….an epic day with a mates, an epic week…..and now to the weekend!!

PLEASE NOTE…That due to weekend trip the Queensland, blog writing may be on hold till Monday the 20th of June…when a great summary will appear on CUWAM of my Toowoomba tales….

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