Welcome to New York , it’s been waiting for you

At the start of this month, a childhood bestie flew to North America for a work conference. But before work, there must be play. Always. And New York provides the perfect amusement park. Always.

Solo travel. Often daunting, at times overwhelming. On the flip side endless possibilities, opportunities to do absolutely anything the heart desires. Scary. Yes. Exhilarating and life affirming. That too.

Not till you hit NYC’s sidewalks is the days adventure revealed. Often you can’t help but be picked up by the momentum of the foot traffic, destination unknown.

But that’s the magic!

I’d recently started on season four of the Netflix series ‘ Chefs Table’. An episode featuring Christina Tosi of Milkbar Bakery fame, with it’s all American focus on sugar, butter and more sugar, gave me a tooth ache. But like all good sugary products, I love longed for more!! I imparted the discovery of ‘ crack pie’ and ‘ cereal milk’ panacotta to my bestie & let the city of NYC do its magic.









To provide balance to the sugar high ‘ MilkBar’ would inflict ‘ Humming Puppy’ Yoga was prescribed as the perfect antidote. My bestie and I have long been fans of ‘ Humming Puppy’ Sydney. It provides the perfect escape from the everyday that is city living : fast cars, endless office deadlines and concrete skylines. I can only imagine that ‘ Humming Puppy’ NYC provides this oasis and more. For its been said you travel to NYC to feel alive, energised and inspired. You travel to Sydney to sleep.When comparing the energy of the two cities, I’d agree.

What else did my bestie do on her travels? I can’t wait to catch up with her and find out. For its true that NYC provides the perfect canvas for a solo adventure. With an open heart, the city will reveals itself to you, befriend you and offer up experiences that appear tailor-made. Timeless memories and magical moments.

Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you – Taylor Swift



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