Jardin Luxembourg and the cautionary tale of the Quiche Lorraine

This morning, day two of my Paris adventure, I went for a jog in Jardin Luxembourg.
I jogged for 20mins, once round the park, before the lure of pastries got the better of me. I set off on foot in the direction of a pastry shop I have frequented numerous times- Gerard Moulet. Seriously over priced but seriously good.

I brought 3 items, a quiche Lorraine, plum tart and a mini brioche.

I then walked as fast as I could back to Jardin Luxembourg where I would devour this feast.

The quiche had been warmed, so it was first on the eating agenda. On first mouth full, it was love at first bite.Salty bacon, an egg and cream mixture which was light and fluffy and pastry that oozed buttery,flaky goodness.

I could not get enough if it!! In a matter of seconds it was consumed….I almost cried as I swallowed the last mouth full.

Then without thinking….I moved onto the brioche…

And that is when disappointment set I and a life lesson was learnt.

Savour each moment, each and every moment…..for although the brioche was good, as was the plum tart that followed it was not the quiche….it was never going to be…that moment was over, I had been propelled forward to the land of sweet not savoury.

And so the cautionary tale of the Quiche Lorraine was leant in the Jardin Luxembourg….a lesson know no doubt I will come across time and time again in my life, savour the moment, be present to experience the here and now.

As the tried and true saying goes, often we don’t realise how good we have got it till its gone.

A quiche Lorraine taught me so much today….you just never know!!! Ah Paris!!


CUWAM- Looking back in order to look forward

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Paris, you are a distant memory now….I have left the city behind and am now on a train to Odense in Denmark, a 1 ½ hours train ride from Copenhagen city.

In order to not have any hang ups about leaving the French capital I feel it is necessary to complete my ode to the city today, here and now, so that I can move on….

But first, a love song to the city:

Cole Porter’s ‘ Lets do it’ …an ode to Paris

Paris on day 5 was wet, it rained and rained…I wondered the streets, ate a breakfast of plum tarte and coconut and burnt caramel macrons…simply the best way to start any day. I then proceeded to walk…Sites that took my fancy were a couple dining in an alacarte restaurant, their dog joining them a at the table for lunch and the stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

And then for the first time in 5 days, I was catching up with a mate, or the mate of a mate…..Jane Parry. Thank you Jane for meeting a stranger with a red flower in her hair, waiting on Rue De Rivoli for the chance to converse it English and have a few drinks.

Thank you Jane, for putting up with my auto pilot English and tendency to speak so quickly that sometimes it was hard to determine if it was indeed English I was speaking. By day 5 the only conversation I had had in English was with Meme the cat at Café Industrie…and that was a one sided affair…so yes, sincere apologies….

And here I am, on a fast train, heading in the direction of a long lost friend….Liz Mackay Pederson. This journey has alerted me to the fact I do go to great lengths to catch up with people….Whether Liz likes it or not, I am on my way…who would have thought that 10 years after meeting as newly arrived Aussies on ‘right of passage’ UK working holiday visa….we would one day meet up…in Odense, Denmark….but then again, stranger this have happened……

On reflection of my time in Paris, it really was a catch up time for me…To do the things I wanted, when I wanted…If I wanted to eat biscuits for dinner…then I did it…If I wanted to spend 7 euros on a plum tarte then the money was handed over….Paris and the good old catch up with me….priceless

Paris Recommendations

1. Watch Woody Allen’s new movie ‘ Midnight in Paris’ when it comes to a cinema near you

2. Walk and walk and walk when are in Paris…only then will you discover the beauty of the city

3.Eat as many pastries as you can stomach when in the city of love….As they say ‘ French women never get fat’…I believe this also applies to passing tourist!!

4.See the attractions if you must…the Eiffel tower, the art at the Louvre…but for me the real Paris is found in its parks, it back streets, it markets, its cafes….

5. Be kind to yourself, remember you are holidays, and NOT competing in the Amazing Race tv program…A sense for this wondrous city does not come from ticking off the tourist attractions and rushing around from place to place….Paris will reveal its true self to you only when you have stepped of treadmill and embrace the cities tailor made time zone.

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