Forever Flora

16730519_10158248979040383_4884608599785778706_nWas. Is. Always will be.

  • Millie. Flora. Christine
  • Alice
  • Flo, Flowie, Fleur, Flea-ra
  • Flosomely
  • Florence
  • Lamington . Lamington Boyle
  • Lamball. Lamball Jones
  • Lamb
  • Flora Boyle
  • Flora

For 10 years Flora was by my side. Through thick fog and sunshine and rainbows.

A beauty of a feline who willingly offered up a number of her nine lives, to ensure we experienced the full gauntlet of life together.

  • Auto- immune disease – Tick
  • Depressive episodes – Tick
  • Insomnia – Tick
  • Idiosynchratic tendencies – Tick

And that was just the fun stuff!

We moved house together, from house – share to solo living and back to house-share. Six moves in ten years.  And our regular trips to the South Coast, and the countless times you took up residency in Austinmer whilst I forged a truly solo existence in Sydney.

Yet we were never apart for too long. It was too hard on heart-strings.

Saying good-bye to you forever last month hurt. It still does and will for some time.

I was there with you to the end and I thanked you for all you did for me during our friendship. I count you among those responsible for delivering me to the happiest place I have ever been in , well, forever.

We both knew it was your time to go. You were tired, and I don’t blame you.

Your going to be a hard act to follow Flora.

And for that reason I’m not looking for a replacement.

You were one in a million.

Thank you for choosing me to be your pet parent.











One Purr-fect Life

There are some days where I would give my life to be a cat.

Any cat in particular I hear you ask?

Specifically, my cat Flora.



This morning as I went about my morning routine which would enable me to embarked on a day’s work in an office block, a fate worse than death, Flora slept.

The cat was deep in slumber mode….this feline was snoring nestled in between the blankets of my unmade bed.

It was enough to make my blood boil…what I would have given to crawl up under the covers, and drift off to the land of nod…to where it was all sunny and warm, a place where computers and data entry did not exist, where chocolate cake was available on demand and Johnny Depp was my husband.

With military style precision I ate breakfast, showered, prepared my lunch and did a few house hold chores.

All the while Flora slept and snored….a noise which filled my tiny best-sit…a joyous soft purr with a nasal twang!

My heart softened…I could not be jealous of my furry four legged life companion…. My time would come for rest and relaxation…it was a mere 3 days off….72 hours till Friday to be precise!

So I further indulged her…I made my bed, pulling the doona towards the bedhead, encasing Flora in a mound of blankets.

Then just to make sure she did no suffocate, I placed a tissue box on one of my pillows, allowing a little light into my man-made cat cave, should she over heat during the day and need to escape for air…..

Undercover agent

Undercover agent

Yes, there are some days that I would give ANYTHING to be a cat!!

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