Friendship Fire Starter: A Valentine

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Yesterday was Valentines Day…the perfect day to celebrate friendship of the ‘ love ‘ variety.

I took the liberty of declaring my undying love of my feline friend, Flora the cat. Though she had no choice in the matter, and probably found this level of adoration slightly overwhelming and unnecessary, she was my object of affection on the 14th of February.

It started with a facebook status updated at 9.01 am ‘ I said it in 2011 and I will say it again in 2012, Flora Boyle, the cat, my Valentine xx’…..this status received an overwhelming response ( 11 friends, mostly my girlfriends) liked the update….as it was Valentines Day, I can safely assume they may have also loved it.

My love for Flora also made me aware of the open display of love around me that day….As I waited for the bus to work on Crown Street, Surry Hills, I witnessed acts of love in their finest form. Two men, hand in hand, walking down the street, one holding a small vase which contained a single red rose. The florist opposite the bus stop, abuzz with activity, their delivery van being piled up with bouquets of flower arrangements for the lucky in love, the cupcake shop, a queue of people waiting outside the storefront, eager to purchase heart-shaped sweets.

I spent V-Day in the office, thinking only of Flora and the evening we would have together…. I would cook whilst she took a shower ( well lick herself from head to toe on my bed), I would eat dinner, she would sit on my lap and we would watch ‘ Who do you think you are’ on SBS….romance is alive and well!!

That evening while I shopped for my romantic dinner for one human / one feline, men and women alike, along the  shopping strip of Randwick, were armed with flower arrangements and soft toys, eager to get home to loved ones…And I was just as eager, despite the fact that I was carrying  shopping bags and a 4 litre container of kitty litter…Eager to get home to Flora, my own bouquet of fury goodness.

Valentines Day is revered as many things: a money spinner, commercialism at its ugliest, just another day, a  day to reflect on the wonder that is love.

I think Valentines Day is just another day, but the very fact that the focal point of this day is love, makes it special, sets it apart from the other 363 days in the year….Why not make love the focal point of each day?

I am reminded on a daily basis of the importance of love in daily life…when Flora softly meows for more food or purrs when I give her a tummy rub, it helps to reinforce that it is  love that adds colour to otherwise ordinary days….

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