CUWAM: Words outs, Williamsburg, Brooklyn is In!

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Waking up early in NYC is not the done thing on a Sunday morning, or so it seems….But I could not sleep, inspired by the previous days discoveries, I easy eager to cross the bridge again, and leave Manhattan Island for the day, heading this time in the direction of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The idea of a day trip to the Brooklyn suburb of Williamsburg was a suggestion that had been passed done to me from my cousin, via his brother-in-law, who lives in this NYC suburb….A quick two stop subway ride from the Bowery and I was there…Williamsburg come and find me!!

But it was merely 10am, the wind blew and it was as though tumble weeds blew down the disserted streets….This was not the hip and trendy playground I was expecting….but I was not deterred…I did what I do best under such circumstances…I walked…I walked for some time….and stumbled across  panoramic views of the NYC skyline and a flea market in the process…

But things at this flea markets seemed slightly too familiar….Yes, they were the same store holders from yesterdays rummage festival….I did a quick walk around, to see if I had missed anything from the day before…No, same old stuff and I hop stepped it out of there.

I took refuge from the wind in a warehouse which housed yet another flea market, this one being called the Brooklyn Antiques and Fleas, the market I had originally set out the fine…Well, it found me, and with armed with a strong black coffee, I perused the stalls, finding a stunning summer dress for $12 and a scarf for $5.

My faith in market stalls was restored, for I had felt somewhat disappointed after failing to find anything if interest the day before,  and I began to warm to Williamsburg …..I could tell today was going to be fabulous, I was starting to feel it…The sun  was now shining and the people had started to immerge from their Sunday sleep in…Bedford Ave, Williamsburg main drag was finally alive and kicking…

With my camera at the ready, transfixed by the people streaming down Bedford Ave, I embarked on a shopping spree…I had a necklace made at Brooklyn Charm, were you could walk around, choose beads and then have them turned into a design of your choice, I brought a pair of second hand shoes, and another dress at Williamsburg’s excellent new and recycled fashion store, Buffalo Exchange and I brought a gift for one of the many new born babies I will meet in November of this year.

With all this shopping, it was necessary to refuel, and I did this at Bliss Café, dining on the Bliss Salad ( complete with green apple, avocado, strawberries and lemon dressing…Yum)

Following lunch, I knew that my shopping spree needed to be curbed!! I wanted to walk some more, the streets were now packed with an afternoon crowd of families, couples, dogs and travellers alike…It was a people watching paradise and I paced up and down the Bedford Ave…A strange site to behold, a 32 Aussie girl walking up and down the same street? Hardly when you compared me to the locals!!

All this walking led me into a collective of shops in warehouse, which housed Verb Café and I had an afternoon coffee.

Verb Café, the rudeness of the café staff brought a smile…It took me back to my glory days as a  barista, and yes, it was hard to be nice from 8am-6pm whilst making coffee, but the Verb staff took rude to a new level….Verb, a doing word, to describe the staff….Ignoring, Patronising…Are they verbs? Primary school rules about verbs aside, I guess you can be a rude as you want when you work in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn baby!!

To the streets once more, and by this stage it was nearing 4pm, and it seemed that Bedford Ave was just starting to enjoy itself….But I had been in the area for 6 hours now…It was time to leave…I could pace up and down no more…To the subway!

Like a homing pigeon I ended up back at Whole Food Markets, for a piece of celebratory carrot cake, to pay tribute to the day that was such a winner…

And I am now back at the Bowery House, typing away, wearing my new necklace and shoes, as well as a full outfit of clothes….Thinking about dinner….and determined to locate the Dumpling house China town that goes by the name of Dim Sum Go Go…it is sure to be a meal to rival those at the Chinese Noodle House, Haymarket Sydney….But will they have a Chinese Andre Rieu to entertain the cliental whilst they await a table? I will report back tomorrow.

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