A nice work email?

It is rare that I write such heart-felt accounts of my work day….but events of late have been inspiring and I have to share story.

Names have been removed to ‘protect’ identities!



I was thinking of you recently and I am sure you will enjoy this story so I will tell it in a bit of detail.

So I had this lovely student, whose listed on his internship application that he had a passion to get involved in the coffee industry – start up business – entrepreneurial etc.

He studied Finance and Supply Chain Management.Instantly I knew which partner to put him forward to – a dynamic dynamo of a site supervisor –  super fit, very attractive, a Bondi Hipster  running a very successful start-up that was shifting into the global marketplace.

The placement went well – very well.

Americans never say thank you for anything and this student thanked me – I was in shock! He also stated he could not have been offered a better internship and that he had been offered to work from the states for the company he had interned for. I was so happy.

On his last day in Sydney, I after I received his thank you email I took a moment to read his application again closely.I came across this line –

While I lean toward the introverted end of the spectrum, I get along well with people and enjoy hanging out. I just need some time to decompress every now and again.

Then it finally clicked for me – why this student almost recoiled every time I reached out to him over the semester!

My enthusiasm was killing him – it reminded me of working with you – I know there were times that I was just too much for you.

You see this student’s interest in the coffee business was a soft spot for me – with my love of café culture and my distant dream of café ownership. So I often would chat to this student with much enthusiasm about coffee shops around Sydney – asking him where he had been / what he impressed him / sending through my recommendations!! He would answer my questions whenever I cornered him – but with little excitement!!

And then I thought what an extremely challenging situation I had placed him in with his internship placement – a start-up business – with a high-flying entrepreneurial hot-shot who is seriously going places. For this introverted student just looking his site supervisor in the eye would have caused his blood pressure to rise.

Anyway, as the story goes, my student got a rave review from his site ‘ his work ethic was second to none’ was offered a job to work from the States, and in the same breath, the student thank me for setting it all up.

Why I am telling you this – this student  has by far been one of my favourite students – in 6 short weeks he made so many professional, more importantly I think – personal gains….and he reminded me of you.

It only hit me on Friday when I read his application closely and he described his introverted nature. A person very sure of himself, his strengths and areas that prove challenging – a very impressive young man, just like you!

So that is my tale for you today. I wanted to share it with you.

Kind regards



Five Sentence Fiction – Human

Word Prompt- Human

The credits rolled on her all-time favourite childhood movie ‘ The Wizard of Oz’

She looked to her children snuggled either side of her on the sofa.

‘Mummy’ her 4 year old uttered as she rested her gaze on his big blue eyes which had that quizzical look about them.

‘Did the Tin Man want a heart so that he could be human and love people?’

She felt an instant surge of emotion, both arms wrapping around her child in an embracing bear hug, and wuth happy tears rolling down her checks, she answered the question -‘Yes’

Catch Up with a Mate joins Five Sentence Fiction

Joining the blog hop, writing about Forbidden Love was fun….Lillie McFerrin, one of the hosts of the hop has a blog called ‘ Five Sentence Fiction’.  I had been told of her blog back in 2011 , a blog were each week, you could submit a short piece of writing, five sentences of fiction’ to a word prompt.

Well, its 2012, and I am on board….

This weeks word ( 14th -20th June) is MEDICINE…Here goes nothing!!

She looked at the pill bottles neatly lined up in the vanity cabinet.

They contained pills to make her feel happy, one to stop the anxiety, another to quell the tremor that had developed in her right hand.

The blue pill…for the dull headache that was ever present….the yellow pill to combat the side effects of the blue.

Filling a cup with water she swallowed the medicine, one pill at a time….

And then she waited…she was forever waiting…. to feel better.

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